Doggy Dorm Décor from Staples

The ask was to utilize video to showcase the custom gift assortment from Staples Copy and Print Services. We wanted to appeal to college students (and their parents).

DIY Duct Tape Notebook Cover

This was a simple 'how-to' dress up your basic composition notebook. There were several other videos within this 'DIY' series.

Staples DIY Crayon Hack

This was part of the DIY Video Series and showcases a cool way to utilize old, broken crayons. We even saw the result of someone doing this at home. Check it out here and here.

DIY Dry Erase Textbook Notes

This video shows parents, teachers, or students how to write, highlight, abd underline in textbooks without leaving a mark. 

DIY Paper Bag Book Cover

Trying to help get our audience 110% Ready for school, we put together this refresher on how to cover textbooks with brown paper.