Tufts Health Plan 1oK for Women

The Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women has its origins in 1977, when it was known as the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. It was one of a series of 12 races for women that were held across the country. 


When I took over the social media for the THP10K for Women, there wasn't a two-way conversation. The women who run this race year after year and their stories are what make the race special. The challenge was collect those stories, harness them, and create a conversation vs. talking to the potential runners. 


  • Engagement: In 2016 I created a four week sweepstakes that incentivized engagement and we collected stories from women on why they run; who inspires them; where they find support; what keeps them motivated; what is special about this race. We awarded physical prizes to 4 women and 1 woman won a grand prize package.830K+
  • User-Generated Content: In 2017 we looked up the women who provided those comments, found their 'Finisher Photos', and overlaid their quotes on their images for #MotivationMonday and #FinisherFriday Post Series. In 2017 we also supported National Child Health Day by collecting fan tips and photos and then turned them into a long form content article.
  • Influencer Program: In 2017 we worked with several influencers who helped to promote the race and also added value in the form of training plans and nutrition advice.
  • Video: Modernizing the marketing for the race meant utilizing video. We were able to use footage from 2016 to create a highlight video for 2017.
  • Long-Form Content: In partnership with the American Heart Association we also put together long form content articles to provide helpful tips and tricks relating to nutrition and health / active lifestyles.


  • Impressions 830K+
  • Engagements 18k+
  • URL Clicks~3000
  • Hashtag Mentions 220+ + Potential Impressions ~525k
  • Video Views: ~13k (Facebook 87%, Twitter 10%, Instagram 3%)