For the Social Holiday campaign of 2015, my goal was to support the overarching messaging of "More For Less", but also come up with a way to position a variety of assets. That's when the creative team came up with #MoreThisHoliday. It was a complement to the broad Staples messaging, but was able to take on and carry social-specific content.


Generate social impressions, engagements, click-throughs and video views on content that empowers small businesses and consumers to do #MoreThisHoliday.


  • Focus on the small business as our primary audience and consumers as our secondary audience.
  • Support our primary audience with a ‘big idea’ to generate social engagement.
  • Create exclusive, relevant content to help our customers do more this Holiday season.
  • Drive engagement through social posts specific to the different platforms.
  • Showcase product assortment in ways that drive awareness and engagement.
  • Work cross-functionally to support PR, Content, and Seasonal programs relating to sales events and consumer-driven events. 


  • Impressions: ~82M (48% Facebook, 38% Twitter, 7% Instagram, 7% Pinterest, <1% YouTube)
  • Engagements: ~870K (38% Facebook, 15% Twitter, 36% Instagram, 11% Pinterest)
  • Video Views ~1.6M (93% Facebook, 2%Twitter, and 5% YouTube)
  • Site Traffic to Staples.com (~280,000+)
  • #MoreThisHoliday Hashtag Mentions ~9,100+ Potential Impressions ~3.95M
  • Sweepstakes Registrations: ~4,880


Content Concepts, Wrote / Submitted Creative Briefs, Executed Campaign, Managed Budget, Campaign Reporting

Creative Team

  • Creative Team: Scott Hamilton, Jon Smedley, Pam Ouimet, Jad Jichi, Tiffany Cuddihy
  • DIY Office Decor + Copy and Print Photography: Katie Ring
  • Printable Photography: Dan Cugini
  • Video Production: Geoff King
  • Printable Gift Tags and Labels: Jobin Design
  • #MoreThisHoliday Sweepstakes: Don Jagoda Associates